Food intolerance tests: when your foods are not friendly

Looking for help to find foods and nutrients that may cause intolerance symptoms? Use scientifically proven AT-HOME tests from outstanding Canadian companies:

  • food intolerance tests
  • intolerance trigger tests
  • functional nutritional deficiency tests

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Test Providers

Our Nutritionist is trained to administer and follow-up the tests we offer. It is absolutely FREE with any test purchase!

Know your food, eh?

Assess your body’s sensitivity to 1,100+ Foods, including about 300 North American/Canadian food items, with Montreal-based company Fresh Start Testing™! North American-tailored version of Daphne Lab BioMetaTests (Italy) is exclusively available through Fresh Start Testing™.

Daphne Lab BioMetaTests:

  • satisfy needs of 90,000+ clients annually, in more than 80 countries
  • are used in Italian hospitals
  • are ISO-compliant
  • utilize patented bio-spectrophotometry methodology
  • have 94% repeatability and reliability rate

Epigenetic tests from Canadian research company Nutrigenomix examine your genes to determine if they can trigger food intolerances and other problems, like osteoporosis or infertility. These epigenetic tests are the BEST on the market!

  • analysis of 70+ genes (most companies do about 30)
  • confirmed 99% accuracy of the tests (most companies do not confirm accuracy)
  • analyzed in Toronto lab using state-of-the-art genetic testing procedures

Your genes may be an answer

It’s like a blood test but better

Functional tests from Northern Ontario startup Nutri-IQ interpret body signs and symptoms as nutritional deficiencies, specific intolerances, and health risks. These tests are faster, cheaper, and even more consistent than regular assays because they:

  • use your unique symptoms
  • rely upon findings from US National Institutes of Health and US National Academy of Medicine

Experience Food Intolerance Symptoms?

Our services are crucial when you

suffer from Mast Cell Activation Disorder, asthma, ADHD, depression, anxiety, autism spectrum disorders, learning, memory and concentration problems
withdrawal of foods made you feel better
cannot attribute food-related unpleasant symptoms to specific foods
have trouble losing weight
your doctor calls you hypochondriac
feel like you are allergic to everything
don’t know for sure what had triggered your problems: bad genes, immune system, acute stress, diet, pharmacological drugs, or infections

Choose the Food Intolerance Tests that suit you

When you contact us, our Nutritionist will assess your problem and select the best test to meet your needs – FREE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for asking!

I know that it may be related to me, but I do not understand Food Intolerance topic. Can we talk before I make up my mind?

Absolutely! Just contact us and we’ll address your questions – FREE!

I have questions related to nutrition, can I call?


Are you planning to add more services?

Absolutely! Our providers are rapidly growing, and we hope to get great new service offerings in the nearest future!

What languages do you speak?

We speak English, Russian, and Ukrainian. The site can be automatically translated to other languages, French included. The most important thing is that instructions and test reports also can be provided in different languages.

What are the geographic areas you service?

We serve all over the globe! As long as you have mail service in your area to receive a test kit 🙂 Though only in Greater Toronto Area (Ontario, Canada) we provide the “white glove” test kit delivery right into your hands.

How do you provide the consultations?

We do it virtually.

When do I pay for the services?

Our providers require pre-payment to dispatch and analyze the test kits. Hence we need you to pre-pay the services to be able to get the kit and initiate the process.

How do I pay for the services?

You will get an invoice that can be paid by Credit Card, Apple/Google Pay, or PayPal according to your choice.

Help is on the way – be friends with your foods again!


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