Food Intolerance Tests: Pricing Plans

Fresh Start™ – Daphne Lab® BioMetaTests (exclusively available through Fresh Start Testing)

Analysis of Food Tolerances and Intolerances (allergies, gluten sensitivity and lactose intolerance cannot be detected)


  • Includes: 74 Page Detailed Report; 5 Page Summary Report
  • 1,100+ food items, including about 300 North-American/Canadian foods, are analyzed



  • Includes: 24 Page Detailed Report; 11 Page Summary Report
  • Bio-Functional analysis of bioavailability & absorption of 16 essential minerals
  • Bio-Functional analysis of toxicity of 24 minerals
  • Bio-Functional identification of the most compatible Oligotherapy


THEMA™ 05 – TCM Comprehensive (Daphne Lab® format)

  • Bioenergetic analysis of body systems (digestive, cardiovascular, endocrine etc)
  • Bioenergetic analysis of the body organs: structure, function, energy)



  • Includes: 23 Page Detailed Report; 10 Page Summary Report
  • Bio-Functional analysis of digestive system, digestive enzymes, digestive toxins, and gut flora



  • Comprising Themas 01, 02, and 06 (Discounted Bundle Price)
  • Includes: 112 Pages Detailed Report; 24 Pages Summary Report




  • Bio-Functional Analysis of Food Additives – 250 Items
  • Food Colorants; Antioxidants, Acidity Regulators; Acidity Regulators; Anticaking Agents; Preservatives; Thickeners, Stabilizers, Emulsifiers; Nickel



  • Bio-Functional Analysis of Liver Area (organ function and psychosomatic-energetic assessment),
  • Remedies – Compatability


Nutrigenomix Panel of DNA Tests for Personalized Nutrition

Analysis of DNA-based nutrient intolerance (foodstuff intolerance cannot be detected)

All reports can be prepared in the following formats (no surcharge):

  • Health: achieving individual optimal health
  • Sport: Nutrition and performance-related recommendations
  • Fertility: nutritional recommendation for individuals planning to conceive
  • Plant-based: recommendations for optimal health for vegetarians or vegans

70 Gene Test

  • Includes: 28 Page Detailed Report
  • DNA-based dietary recommendations for nutrient intolerances and metabolism, weight management, and cardiometabolic health
  • Information on DNA-based eating habits, injury risk and response to physical activity


77 Gene Test – Report & Hormone and Methylation Panel

  • Includes: 50 Page Detailed Report, nutritional recommendations, and risk analysis
  • The same as 70 Gene Report, plus analysis of markers that affect the function of enzymes, especially involved in DNA methylation, metabolism of important hormones such as estrogen and androgens, and detoxification of their by-products


Pharmacogenetics Test

  • Includes: 39 Page Detailed Report of individual pharmacogenetic risk analysis
  • Outlines genetic risk of certain inherited diseases, reaction to multiple medication groups, response to selected diet, exercise, and/or nutrition recommendations


DNA Skin Health Test ($149 as Add-on to other reports)

  • Includes: 15 Page Detailed Report, nutritional recommendations for skin health
  • DNA-based recommendation to avoid skin ageing, facial pigmented spots, excess oxidation, and loss of elasticity
  • May be included in 70-Gene Report or other reports as add-on


COVID-19 Genetic Risk Test (Add-on only)

  • Includes: 4 Page Report
  • Analyses risk of severe COVID-19 infection


Nutri-IQ Panel of Virtual Tests for Personalized Nutrition

Analysis of nutrient deficiency and other related problems through everyday symptoms

Nutritional Balance Assessment

  • Includes: Detailed Report as a roadmap to recovery
  • Assesses homeostasis of 30 essential nutrients (vitamins and minerals) based on everyday subtle symptoms


Toxin exposure Assessment (add-on $30)

  • Assessment & report of possible toxin exposure


Histamine Intolerance Assessment (add-on $30)

  • Assessment & report of histamine levels to rule out histamine intolerance as a root cause of health problems


Salicylate Intolerance Assessment (add-on $30)

  • Assessment & report of salicylate levels to rule out salicylate intolerance as a root cause of health problems


Discounted Bundle Rates

Ordering several tests can provide better assurance and clearer answers. Contact us to discuss Bundle rate discounts.

All prices include 2 Nutritionist consultations (value of $170) to assess your needs, collect initial information, and conduct follow-up. Up to 90 minutes. Other services are available upon request.

Help is on the way – be friends with your foods again!


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